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Damp Eyes (12) by SerenityStyles

How do I even start? Looking close at the eye with water in it is just incredible. The pupil for instance looks more like a well almost...

Free the Energy Sovereign (Aminovas) by Dreamer-In-Shadows

How do I even start? The prismatic colors as the background universe is just incredible. It looks random yet purposefully designed. Whi...

Commission [1/2] : Yamura. by PandiiVan

Where do I even begin? It's a beautiful and magnificent dragon with the Asian characters going down his arms. The feathers on his head ...

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Stop! Who approacheth the bridge of death must answer me these questions three ere the other side he see. 
Damp Eyes (12) by SerenityStyles
How do I even start? Looking close at the eye with water in it is just incredible. The pupil for instance looks more like a well almost. Like looking down a deep well and seeing the dark water below. I enjoy the details in eyes, especially the iris. It's hard to say what they're like; but I think they're unique like a finger print. Looking into the eye and seeing the drop by the duct makes me wish I could wipe the tear away as looking into seems like I'm looking into a sad eye.

I just love macro shots and the eyes are always wonderful for all the little details. It's also interesting to see the eyelashes and the skin around the eye, they've got a lot of details too.
So, after talking with a friend of mine I felt some inspiration to start a role play in the Thief universe. For those of you who don't know Thief, it's a video game set in a steampunk medieval city. You play a thief named Garrett that finds himself in a world filled with corrupt nobility, the covert faction the Keepers who maintain balance, the religious order of the Hammerites who worship the Builder and battle the Pagans, who worship the Trickster and live with various beasts and monsters outside of the City. The City itself is a great metropolis rampant with crime and corruption. 

Many things have happened in the Thief Universe, but I don't care if you wish to do things during the Cataclysm, the Dark Project, The Metal Age, or even Deadly Shadows.  Join any faction, or be any class of character you wish.

The Keepers: A covert group that exist in the City and have been for centuries. They keep balance among the Hammers and Pagans. Most study and record the glyphs, some glyphs contain special properties they use too. While most Keepers are scholars and spies of sorts, they have Enforcers that are masked and communicate telepathically often called upon in only the most dire of situations.

The Hammerites: Or Order of the Hammer, they progress some technologies and worship the Builder in their temples and seminaries, though it seems they're a men only group. The temple guards wield large hammers to smite the enemies of the Builder. Some of the technology they're responsible for include steam power generators, explosive mines, flash bombs, sunburst devices, etc. The Hammerite Priests can call upon holy fire to blast at the unrighteous and may bless their allies. They all speak in a middle english.

The Mechanists: Or Order of the Gear, and offshoot of the Hammerite sect by Father Karras, the Mechanists are more progressive with technology. They've successfully made steam powered machines often called the Builder's Children, many fear them as the sentries can launch explosives at enemies. They have watchers that can sound alarm at unauthorized persons, turrets that shoot out explosives, arrows, or blades at enemies. Like the Hammerites they too speak in middle english and worship the Builder, but they consider the Hammers to be behind.

The Pagans: Order of the Vine, the pagans worship the Trickster and live among wild nature, including beasts and monsters such as ape beasts, bug beasts, tree beasts, cray beasts, and rat beasts. Pagans often are more primitive in clothing and walk barefoot and speak in broken english (woodsie, goodsie, backsie, bes, etc). Pagans call civilized people manfool and are against technology. Most are simple farmers, though some are assassins, guards, and shamans. Some pagans infiltrate the city to spy on various people, and establish small dwellings in the sewers and park areas. 

The Mage Hand Brotherhood: A foreign group of mages from the far east, not unlike a middle-eastern type nation. The mages are the most cryptic, even the Keepers know very little about them. The wizards use magics of the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Each mage belongs to a certain school and uses aspects of those elements. A few rogue mages exist and study the forbidden art of necromancy. It is possible that other wizard schools exist, and possible women mages or witches as well. Again, this is unknown as the Mage Hand are a mystery to most. 

The City Watch: The guards that patrol the streets of the city and fight crime to keep the citizens safe. Most of the officers running the Watch are corrupt and have been puppets to the organized crime, or other sinister figures. Commissioner Denavnan was working for Warden Ramirez for instance. Sheriff Gorman Truart brought the wardens to his own beckoning, yet was a pawn to Father Karras and the Mechanists. 

City Wardens: The crime lords that run the city, various thieves' guilds under their command, though some independent thieves exist out of their control.

So, choose your character, and your adventure. I hope this becomes of use and is fun.  


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United States
I'm a young Christian who wants to serve God and help stand as an example to others. I want to use my talents for God's glory more than my own. I also hope to be a writer and film maker as fiction is my favorite way to share my view points and philosophies. I hope to do movies and shows in live action, CG animation, and even anime.

If I can figure out how to publish stories on here I might write some things that are meant for anime, but sadly I'm not a drawer or illustrator so, the next best thing is just to write it out.

I'm deeply interested in politics and in seeing how classic dystopian novels mirror some current events, my blog talks about these things and I hope to make people see the truth and not believe misinformation from either media or other people. I am using my blog as a stepping stone in finding my life purpose and hope to fulfill it.

Big Brother is watching you. In the name of Ford. By the Benefactor. For the Galactic Empire.

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